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iETextiles (Electronic Textiles)

The focus of PPS4 is the research and development of textile wearables in three industry sectors: (i) Automobile, (ii) Home textiles and (iii) Sports.

(i) Road safety is currently one of the major societal challenges and has been one of the priorities for investment by the European Commission. The implementation of the Road Safety Program (2011 and 2020) is an example and sets ambitious goals. It is within this framework that the pertinence of the development of automobile seats with monitoring capacity, that allow to act directly on the safety of the user of the vehicle, assuring the reduction of exposure to the probability of accident in road environments.

(ii) Sleep disorders have a major impact on the quality of life, with studies showing that about 25% of the population qualifies their sleep as bad or very bad. This segment of the population with sleep deprivation may contract several physiological changes, compromising the health status of the individual, namelly with respect to endocrine, metabolic, physical, cognitive and neuronal functions. In order to market new products that promote continuous and permanent improvement of the user's sleep quality, a mattress cover with temperature control system will be developed using micro channels for heating and cooling.

(iii) According to data from the Portuguese Surfing Federation, there are around 11 500 federated athletes in Portugal, a total of 165 clubs and 365 schools, 3 national associations and 100 activities organized annually by the federation, and these figures tend to grow. The International Surf Organization estimates that there are about 23 million people practicing this sport around the world. There are, however, risks associated with this sport, and according to the National Weather Service, since 2014 there have been more than two hundred accidents that have resulted in the death of surfers in the United States. In view of these facts, it was identified the need to develop a new suit for surfing in particularly adverse environments, in order to increase the comfort, performance and safety of the user.

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