New Materials

New materials and advanced use of natural fibers

The general purpose of this PPS is the research and development, with Portuguese engineering and know-how, of new high-performance materials and advanced use of natural fibers with a view to the realization of new solutions for application in technical and functional clothing aimed to sports, protection, health, work and leisure.

The world-wide importance of these areas, whether in the field of academic knowledge or industrial and economic activity, is increasing. Marketing studies show that the main concerns of today's consumers relate to the aesthetic component and the good looks of their clothing, with the quality of what "looks good". However, they also require, more and more, technical and functional work, sports or day-to-day clothing, combining parameters of innovation, aesthetics, design, protection, comfort, multifunctionality, ease of maintenance and sustainability, all at one competitive price.

Another great feature of the today's consumers is the ecological awareness that is reflected in the choice of eco-sustainable products, thus contributing to positive impacts on the environment, economy and society.

Thus, in order to capitalize the technological advances in this area, in this PPS will be investigated and developed new textile substrates and technological processes aimed to obtaining new technologically advanced solutions mainly in the areas of sport, protection, health and "technofashion", in particular:

(i) New light-responsive materials;

(ii) New materials with high impact protection;

(iii) New materials for X-ray protective clothing;

(iv) New fabrics for high performance applications based on natural fibers;

(v) New multifunctional fabrics with UV protection based on natural cellulosic fibers.

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