New Structures

New technical and smart structures

PPS3 aims at the integral development of new Technical and Intelligent Structures directed to the use in composites in the automotive sector and for technical and functional work clothing and / or personal protection (PPE).

The intrinsic properties of textile structures, such as flexibility or good compromise between strength and lightness, the variety of possible structures combining different materials, fibers and yarns with maturity and know-how in processing technologies, make the textile solutions applicable in a wide range of domains.

The transport / mobility (automotive, railways, marine and aerospace) segment is one of the most important markets for the destination and application of technical textiles, and is now referred to as the "most valuable" and the one with the greatest growth potential.

There are already several textile materials with application in this market, and it is expected to increase its scope. This forecast stems from the global trends associated with sustainable development and is essentially related to issues of weight reduction, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

In this industry, textiles have not only an aesthetic function, but also a key role in complying with European Union directives with regard to reducing CO2 emissions, flexibility of vehicle design and safety.

Thus, in order to meet the identified needs and trends, it is proposed in this PPS to develop technical and intelligent structures for the automotive interior: hybrid and intelligent textiles for reinforcement of thermoendurable composites and complex textiles for reinforcement of thermoplastic composites.

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